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Geninne Zlatkis Naranjas 1000 Piece Puzzle
Puzzle | Jun 2018
1 in stock $16.99
The Dream of Surrealism (1000-Piece Art History Jigsaw Puzzle)
Brecht Vandenbroucke
Puzzle | Sep 2018
2 in stock $18.99
Dahlias 750-Piece Puzzle
Frances Palmer
Puzzle | Sep 2020
1 in stock $19.95
The Raconteur
Ilya Milstein
Puzzle | Sep 2020
4 in stock $19.99
Nathalie Lete
Nathalie Lete
Puzzle | Sep 2020
3 in stock $19.95

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An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Paperback | Aug 2015
1 in stock $16.00
On Lighthouses
Jazmina Barrera
Hardcover | May 2020
sold out $19.95
(on order)
Caste (Oprah's Book Club)
Isabel Wilkerson
Hardcover | Aug 2020
not in stock $32.00
(available for order)
Emergent Strategy
adrienne maree brown
Paperback | Apr 2017
1 in stock $16.00

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Thanks for asking! As of Saturday, June 12th, hello hello books is now open to all shoppers every day, no appointment needed.

To protect the health of children under 12, the unvaccinated, and the immunocompromised, mask wearing is still required for all shoppers and for the bookseller on duty. Our space is small, but please continue to social distance as much as possible. Thank you for your consideration for all members of our community!

Our hours are shorter than in years past both because we have a smaller staff and because we want to leave some room for appointment shopping for anyone not comfortable coming in for general shopping hours. If this is you, contact us and we'll set you up!

We're so excited to welcome you back into the shop after 453 too-quiet days!

Lacy and Jacob and Kathleen are on hand processing orders as fast as they can for pickup or shipping. (If you're ordering strictly for shipping, consider supporting us through our Bookshop storefront! Here's how Bookshop helps indies like us.) We're also happy to offer a careful selection of books and merchandise on display inside Rock City Cafe, which you can buy at their walk-in counter between 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. every day of the week.

On this site, you can order used or new books in stock, and you can also order just about any new book in print whether it's in stock or not! Safe, distanced pickup of your orders is available; you can read about the how, when and where right here. Just wait for a notification that your order is ready to pick up, and we'll include a reminder about your pickup options.

You can email us any time at You can also check in with us on the phone at 207-593-7780, text us at 207-494-4274, or see what we're up to on Instagram and Twitter


Thank you for your patience, and your dedication to keeping our mission alive! We couldn't do this without you.



We are proud to be Rockland’s local independent bookshop.

We carry high quality new and used books, as well as a careful selection of unusual cards, magazines and merchandise.

One of five finalists for Publishers Weekly's 2019 Bookstore of the Year. You've seen us in the New York Times (here and here), Downeast Magazine (here and here); New York Magazine; Maine Magazine, the Boston Globe; Yankee Magazine, People (kinda) and on bookmarks scattered throughout Midcoast Maine.


To foster an active and vocal enthusiasm for books and print culture in a screen-centric world;
offer out-of-the-ordinary merchandise and gifts;
cultivate community and advocate for social justice;
and to do all of this with an independent spirit.


Yes, we can preorder 99% of forthcoming books for you! We can hold books for pick-up in the store, or we can ship them directly to you. This list is automatically generated and updated once a week; if there's something you're looking for you don't see here, try the search bar above or send us a note. Don't hesitate to be in touch if there's a book you're not sure about! NB: Because this list is auto-generated from a list of future releases, a book's appearance on this list does not mean we'll definitely have it in the store for sale once it's published, nor does it mean we endorse or support all of the books on the list.

All available for order/preorder now! (You can find the original article here, but all their links go to Ama*on, so just...ignore that bit.)