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Bookstore baby's (toddler's!) picksSee more
Lacy's daughter Ramona is just about three, not surprisingly, book-crazy. Here are some of her early and current favorites!
Kendra's PicksSee more
Kendra worked with us in the summer of 2017 and she has goooooood taste.
Tessa's suggestions!See more
Tessa interned with us in the summer of 2017 and would like you to check these books for younger readers out, please and thank you.
Librocubicularist Query FridaySee more
Every Friday on our Facebook page we ask a question, or as we call it, Librocubicularist Query Friday!
Head on over there if you're interested!

How did your fave booknerds answer the Friday query? 

librocubicularist. Noun. (plural librocubicularists) (rare) A person who reads in bed.